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About me

Kaitlyn Doell

Certified Esthetician and Salon Owner 

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     My name is Kaitlyn Doell. I am the owner of "Esthetics by Kaitlyn". My goal is to be able to provide the ultimate spa Esthetics feel for clients in a more intimate and relaxing environment.

I have known that I wanted to go into the Esthetics industry since the age of 13 when I used to do all my friends’ nails. I loved the creativity and precise work involved with the trade. I enjoyed making others feel beautiful and more confident about themselves. I held onto the idea through high school but explored other options. However the idea of being on the front line of people and meeting and socializing with people often, really interested and intrigued me.

     I attended MC College for my training. Afterwards I competed in Esthetics Competitions and I ended up placing 1st in the Province and went on to competing in the 2015 SkillsCanada National Trades Competition representing Saskatchewan in the Esthetics industry. I was shown on CBC news broadcast and the manager at a top rated spa in Saskatoon called me shortly after seeing me and offered me a full time position. I worked at the day spa for a few years.

I am incredibly passionate about the Esthetics industry.    

I was always a self conscious person because I suffered with acne prone skin. I know first hand how much it hurts a person’s confidence and I had a dermatologist that helped me with my skin. It’s incredible the difference it has made on my confidence and in my everyday life. My goal is to be able to pass that on to my clients and that they know that I care about each and every one of their unique struggles and want to help make a difference. I think my passion for learning new things, my heart for my clients and people in general and plenty of experience with customer service will serve as an asset for me in this business venture. 

    I stepped out on my own and opened up "Esthetics by Kaitlyn" in June 2017. Since then we have added piercing and mobile parties to our long list of services. We look forward to accommodating you in the future.

~ Kaitlyn

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